Hillel Summer Internship Program

Find Yourself in Buffalo

Interns will work full time Monday-Thursday (30 hours/week) and on Fridays will participate in group processing and immersive learning experiences that will further their professional growth and leadership skills. 

Program Dates: June 14th - August 6th

Employer Commitment:

  • Develop a meaningful, challenging project that interns can complete in the 8 week, 32 hours/week timeframe.

  • Assign a placement supervisor for the intern, who is available for regular supervision, including goal-setting at the beginning, providing regular feedback throughout the summer, and conducting an end-of-summer evaluation.

  • Attend a half-day orientation session for placement supervisors on June 14th and the closing ceremony on August 6th.

  • Create a safe work environment for interns that is free of bias and harassment.

  • Provide dedicated workspace for in-office work, and/or and any necessary supplies or technology to support virtual work (ie. phone, computer, etc.).

  • Demonstrate enthusiasm to join in the pilot of this program, a commitment to providing feedback about the program to the organizers, and an understanding that this summer will be a learning experience for the interns, the employers, and for Hillel.


Employers offer interns an hourly rate of at least minimum wage (currently $12.50/hour). Hillel will subsidize the salaries up to $1,000 for businesses and $1,500 for non-profit organizations, paid to the employer at the conclusion of the program. In addition, Hillel will screen and interview applicants, offer tools for designing projects and evaluating interns, and provide an orientation for employers.

Application Process

March 1st- March 31st  – Employers submit project proposals.

March 31st  – Student Application Deadline. Hillel will conduct application screening and student interviews.

Mid-April  – Employers and students will be informed of their placements.

Placement supervisors and interns meet one-on-one to confirm the match.


Application: http://bit.ly/buffalointernship

The application requests the following information:

  • Supervisor and Employer name and contact information.

  • Project information: the name of the project, objectives and needs that the project will meet, a description of the tasks, and ways that success will be measured.

  • Specific skills required to complete the project.

  • Information about dress code and organizational culture.