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Have you "herd" about our new fall program Herd Community?!

We are so excited to roll out our new fall program, Herd Community! Herd Community is Hillel's answer for students to connect with Jewish students in Buffalo and support them as we head into the semester, even under less-than-ideal circumstances. Once you fill out our registration form, you will be placed into groups of your peers in groups of 4-6 which will be your "herd". From September 7th until October 16, you and your herd can participate in virtual events that will earn you and your team points. There are also activities groups can do outside of formal Hillel programming such as virtual game nights, community service, study time, and getting outside. Each week staff will also be sending flash challenges to complete so the student and their team can rack up even more points! 

Here’s how it works:


The Point System:


You will be earning points as an individual based on your own participation, as well as keeping a tally of the total points for the herd.


Individual challenges: 1 point each (max. 5 points/week per person).

Examples includeGoing for a run, Calling grandma, Cooking a new healthy recipe, attending virtual High Holidays, and saying hello to someone new 


Herd challenge: 1 point per participant, up to two herd challenges per week. So, if you are in a herd of five and complete two herd challenges in a week with full participation, each individual gets 10 points! 

Examples include: Virtual group gatherings, such as game night, trivia, Shabbat dinner, book club, and Israeli film night

Flash challenge: 5 points each, once per week, the entire herd must participate in order to win points.

Examples: Can’t tell ya! These will be released through text and Instagram and you will have a limited time to complete them.


What You Receive:

Prizes will be awarded to individuals and the herds with the most points at the end also win a special prize. You redeem prizes as you reach each level.


Individual Reward Levels: 

10 points: $5 Amazon Gift Card

25 points: $10 Ulta or Uber Eats Gift Card

50 points: LED Strip Lights or Ring Light 

75 points: Yeti Mug or Bubble Tea Kit with reusable straws 

100 points: JBL Speaker or Air Fryer 

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